CeZar’s Bio

CeZar is a  Romanian singer-songwriter and street performer established in Bucharest. Romania.

 His passion for music and desire to perform pushed him to leave his hometown of Ploiesti in the summer of 2009, heading west towards Amsterdam, NL.

After spending a wonderful 4 years in the capital of Netherlands, due the heavy busking restrictions adopted by the Amsterdam City Council, CeZar has decided it was time to move on.

 In April 2013 he moves to Dublin, the wonderful Irish capital, where street performance is perceived as a cultural expression and encouraged by the local authorities.

 CeZar often performed along Dublin’s Grafton Street and also travels throughout Europe, playing his music in cities like Berlin, Rome, Milan or Bucharest to name a few.

 In March 2017, he released his debut album “2005”, an 8 song LP which was signed by Universal Music Romania

As of January 2018, CeZar has found his new home in the wonderful city of Bucharest, the capital of Romania. Busking in Bucharest